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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Joey's List?

     Joey's List is an online database that casting directors search several times a
     day, listing clients who called in looking for work for the following day.
     Casting directors are then able to book right off the list based on what
     we have available at that time.

Q: Can you get me my vouchers?

     NO!! All we do post an Online Database, casting makes all the
     decisions on who they book, and on what projects.

Q: I'm currently non-union, but will be joining a Union in a few weeks, can I
     still sign up with you?

     Joey's List cannot guarantee any openings on the Union side of Joey's
     List once you become a union member.  This will be determined on a case by
     case basis, depending on the need of your type, work history, etc.

Q: How much will I work?

     We would have to have a crystal ball to know the answer to this question. 
     All we do is just publish a list with your availability, thats it.
     Joey's List cannot guarantee work.  If you have a clean record with
     casting, are always professional, on-time, and camera ready your odds are
     good of working fairly consistently.

Q: I sent in a submission to join, but never heard anything. What should I do?

     In order to keep our clients happy and working, Joey's List has a very
     small roster.  Unfortunately, we can't take everybody.  If we had too many
     of the same type, less people would work!  Your submission will be placed
     on our wating list, and if we feel we can use your type, we will contact you. 
     Please do not submit more than once in a 3 month period, or call the office
     to inquire on your status.

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