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Joey's List - A TALENT LISTING service for Background Artists, Stand-Ins, and photo-Doubles on Film, T.V., and Commercials

The high regard for Joey’s List LLC. is founded on Joey's personal understanding of the business, years of hard work in the industry, and  innovative thinking and technology.  A performer himself, Joey started out as a background artist and quickly graduated to be a regular stand-in and body double on such shows and movies as Sliders (Jerry O' Connell) and Freaks and Geeks (Jason Segel), thus learning the dynamics of a set.  When he became an Extras' Coordinator, Joey came to know the importance of professional, outstanding background talent.  Seeking to understand the other side of this world and to further enrich his industry experiences, he started work at a calling service and then became a Casting Associate at Central Casting in TV and eventually Feature Films.  

Through all of these jobs, Joey still maintained his aspiration to become an achieved artist.  So, with his uncanny knack for the business and casting side of the TV/Film industry, he sought to embrace both of his talents.  Leaving Central Casting with his own dreams at heart, he planned to devote more time playing bass in his band while at the same time helping other performers like him. Though this coupling,"Joey's List" was born.

While Joey saw Joey's List as what all emerging artists need, a "day job," the rest of the background casting world immediately recognized it for what it was; one of the most unique, effective, and technologically savvy talent listing services available.  The demand for his high quality clients, his easy to use technology, and his dedication expanded his personal roster into a successful business.  His office staff are just as dedicated to the success of the company as is he, and are often praised by Casting Directors for their customer service.  

Today, his vision is three-fold: to provide the best background representation available to his clients, to devote more time playing bass in his rock band, and to make movies.  As his business continues to grow, so does his artistic and professional accomplishments.

Joey's List DOES NOT pursue work for it's clients nor is it responsible for such Talent to be booked.  It is a TALENT LISTING SERVICE (NOT a Calling Service).  When Talent submits their availability, Casting Directors receive their most current look and stats, (as well as their up-to-the-minute availability) at their fingertips. Booking with JL makes their job of finding the best available person for the job easier.  This, added to the ZERO-Cancellation, no-unprofessionalism policy makes the Casting Directors confident in using JL's clients often.  This confidence is displayed when it's Talent gets  regularly cast in background and featured bits on hit TV shows, feature films, and commercials, as well as trusted to high profile jobs  like Standing in  and Photo/Body-doubling for A-list Hollywood Stars.

Joey's List is still very unique because it is an availability list where it's clients submit their availability for the current and upcoming days.  The reputation for their talent precedes them because each and every client is personally hand-picked for their professionalism, look, and experience.  Joey's List keeps current not only with the most up-to-date looks and fluctuating need for specialty background types,  but also with the most innovative technology.  This, plus a dedicated and down-to-earth staff, keeps JL running in the most efficient and effective manner for both Casting Directors and Talent.

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